"Safety Plan"

Is It Abuse?

"Is It Abuse?"

When a person repeatedly uses controlling behaviors to gain power and control over another, it is abuse.  Abuse is a sin.  God does not expect us to submit to the sin of abuse.

Answering the following questions will help you determine if your relationship is abusive or becoming abusive:

Does he...

  • Criticize you constantly?​


  • Call you names?


  • Intimidate you to get what he wants?


  • Tell you that he is head of the household and, therefore, you have to obey him?


  • Misinterpret scriptures in the Bible in order to justify his actions?


  • Belittle your dreams, hopes, and plans?


  • Isolate you from your family and/or friends?


  • Tell your children that they don’t have to respect you or listen to you?


  • Threaten you verbally or with a weapon?


  • Make you account for every penny that you spend?


  • Tell you that if he can’t have you, no one will?


  • Treat you roughly – grab, pinch, push, shove, or hit you?


  • Embarrass you in front of others?


  • Make you feel ashamed?


  • Make you perform acts that are demeaning to you?


  • Make you believe that you cannot exist without him?


  • Blame you for his anger?

Are you:


  • Afraid to disagree with him?


  • Constantly trying to be a better wife or girlfriend?


  • Always trying to find ways to keep him calm?


  • Always living in fear of what he will do?


  • Afraid of his looks, voice or gestures?


  • Staying with him because you are afraid to leave?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may be in an abusive relationship.  There is hope. 

Help and information is available through any of the Domestic Violence Resources listed on our website.

In addition, help is available through our Ministry.

You can visit one of our support groups to learn more about domestic violence, be supported, loved, learn about scriptural abuse and be empowered through the love of Jesus Christ.

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