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"Abigail Ministries General Brochure"

"Purpose & Mission Statement"

Our Mission and Purpose


  • TO help women in abusive relationships know how much they are loved and valued BY God by providing support, encouragement and fellowship.
  • TO point women to Jesus as their source of healing, strength and love BY correcting misconceptions and distortions of scripture that contribute to women staying enslaved by another’s sin of abuse.
  • TO increase a woman’s feeling of self-worth BY directing her to focus on her worth in Christ rather than how her abuser defines her.
  • TO provide a safe place for women to heal and become strong so that they no longer feel that they have to tolerate abuse BY walking alongside them and by providing information on domestic abuse.
  • TO serve the local church community BY providing pastors with information and support to help families caught in the destructive cycle of domestic violence.
  • TO facilitate the formation of support groups in local churches to provide women access to a group in their own community BY training group leaders and providing ongoing assistance and collaboration.
  • TO complement and co-ordinate with existing domestic violence services BY referring women to their services and providing information about them in our website.
  • TO educate the greater community BY raising the level of awareness of the dynamics of domestic violence.


Doing all of the above from a Biblical perspective

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